Nashville BNA Airport Wait Times

How busy is BNA today?  What are the current Nashville Airport security wait times? Find out below!

Nashville International (Nashville, TN)

Passengers moving through the security checkpoints should anticipate waiting on average for:
less than one minute

TSA Precheck Lanes: Available

Terminal MAIN

  • Main CheckpointClosed

Estimated Wait Times For Today

4 am - 5 am
5 m

5 am - 6 am
6 m

6 am - 7 am
0 m

7 am - 8 am
10 m

8 am - 9 am
14 m

9 am - 10 am
15 m

10 am - 11 am
13 m

11 am - 12 pm
18 m

12 pm - 1 pm
17 m

1 pm - 2 pm
30 m

2 pm - 3 pm
34 m

3 pm - 4 pm
10 m

4 pm - 5 pm
5 m

5 pm - 6 pm
3 m

6 pm - 7 pm
0 m

7 pm - 8 pm
9 m

8 pm - 9 pm
17 m

9 pm - 10 pm
16 m

* Wait times are estimates, subject to change, and may not be indicative of your experience.

Nashville Airport passenger count has nearly doubled in the last 10 years, with the exception of the COVID timeframe. Growing airports can often experience infrastructure and scaling up issues and this can sometimes be evident in the BNA security wait times. It's also worth noting that there is currently ongoing construction through at least January 2023, which is affecting traffic around the airport in the evenings. You can view more details here.
Your BNA airport security wait times should be reduced considerably if you have TSA PreCheck membership. You can easily view today's estimated TSA wait times at Nashville Airport in the information above as well as lane locations and open status. TSA PreCheck membership can help you get through Nashville International Airport and other participating airports much faster, especially during the holidays and other peak times. To find out more about joining or renewing TSA PreCheck membership visit Be advised that CLEAR is also available at BNA Airport.
At any US airport, it can be an arduous process and wait to get through security if you are a non-US citizen and you haven't already connected at another US Airport. Nashville is no different, however, it does not deal with the volume of arriving passengers at any one time, which can make security processing particularly lengthy at much bigger US airports, so Nashville Airport wait times for arriving non-US citizens are comparatively good. Please be advised of the ongoing construction around the airport, which could delay your arrival at your final destination in or near Nashville if you are landing in the evening.

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