What Airlines Fly Out Of DFW Airport?

Dallas DFW Airport is one of the very busiest airports in the world and the airport itself is enormous and is famously bigger than the entire island of Manhattan. There are very few airports in the world that service more destinations than DFW. DFW Airport operates as the major hub for American Airlines and the […]

Denver Airport WiFi Instructions – Connect To DIA WiFi Free

There is free Wi-Fi throughout Denver Airport and it’s very simple to get connected. Unlike at some airports there is no video advertisement or login requirement, it’s simple, fast and free to connect. To connect to the Denver Airport WiFi: On your device WiFi settings click on the option ‘DEN Airport Free Wifi’ – that’s […]

US air travel hits 14 month high

28rd May 2021 – Yesterday TSA passenger count numbers hit their highest recorded amount since March 2020, when the pandemic escalated and plunged the travel industry into previously unthinkable lows. Nearly 1.9 million people in the US were boarding a flight yesterday compared to 2.5 million for the equivalent date in 2019, with just 340 […]

US air travel numbers now half of normal levels

23rd March 2021 – US travelers are returning to the skies in significant numbers this March. TSA passenger numbers have been consistently higher than 50% of 2019 levels for most of the month. It marks an exciting turnaround for the airlines but also causes concern about how the pandemic might spread further with COVID far […]

US / Canada border closure marks 1st anniversary

22nd March 2021 – An anniversary few thought possible has just passed. The worlds longest land barrier has been closed to all but essential journeys for more than one year now. When we first wrote about the border closure few of us thought it would go on for so long. Indeed, after the first few […]

Vancouver Border Wait Times

There are more than a dozen entry points into British Columbia, Canada from Washington State. Most of them are lightly used with the majority of traffic passing through the Vancouver area border crossings in Blaine, Point Roberts, Sumas and Lynden. Of the crossings in Blaine the Peace Arch border crossing is the busiest and can […]

Otay Mesa border crossing Vs San Ysidro border crossing

There are two main ports of entry into Tijuana; the Otay Mesa and San Ysidro border crossings. The Tecate border is actually a 3rd option but is far less busy than the two main crossings. San Ysidro is the busiest border crossing in the world. Ordinarily, more than two million people pass through it every […]

Canada / New York Border Crossings

New York State is just one of 13 US states that border Canada and which contributes to the longest land border anywhere in the world. The New York Canada border crossings are among the more heavily used ports of entry to cross into Canada, in part because the Niagra Falls straddles both countries and is […]

CBP impose tougher stance at Mexico border causing long wait times

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have started to impose tougher measures at the US/Mexico border crossings as the number of non-essential trips has been increasing dramatically. This increase correlates with rising numbers of Coronavirus cases in Mexico along the border. The CBP recently undertook a huge survey of 100’000 people crossing the border […]