US / Canadian border closure extended again, until at least late Augst

July 16th 2020 – Once again the US/Canada border is to remain closed for another month with the Canadian press being informed by government sources earlier this week. A month or so ago there was optimism, particularly amongst those businesses, not least those involved in tourism, that perhaps August would be the month the border […]

San Diego / Tijuana Border Crossing Wait Times & Guide

Crossing the border at Tijuana? There are 3 Tijuana border crossings between San Diego in the US and Tijuana in Mexico. These are; San Ysidro, Otay Mesa and Tecate. The San Ysidro border crossing and Otay border crossing are amongst the busiest anywhere in the world. There are various types of crossing lanes, or garitas, […]

US/Canada truck crossings approaching normal levels

8th July 2020 – For the first time since the US/Canada border closed to non-essential travel in March the volume of truck crossings across the border exceeded 100’000 last week. Despite the ongoing severity of COVID-19 increase in the US, crossing numbers have been rising since April, with the economies recovering slowly and aided in […]

When will the US Mexican border re-open?

17th June 2020 – The US Mexican border closure agreement, due to end on June 21st, has once again been extended for another month – the 3rd such extension. Both the US and Mexico are still struggling to control the spread of COVID-19 with some US states reporting record increases in recent days. In Mexico, […]

US Canadian and Mexican Border Closures extended until July 21st

June 17th 2020  – The US borders with Canada and Mexico will remain closed for non-essential travel as the restrictions have been extended for the 3rd time since the original closures in March. In a move, which came as no real surprise, with the pandemic far from under control, especially in Mexico and some states […]

When will the US/Canadian border re-open? Probably not this month

12th June 2020 (Updated 16th June 2020*) – It’s seeming unlikely that the US / Canadian border will open up again when the current closure agreement ends on the 21st June. Sources in the know are suggesting, though not confirming, that the agreement will be extended for another month, which will be the 3rd such […]

Canada Allows Close Family Members To Re-Enter Canada

9th March 2020 – From today immediate family members that are currently separated and on the US side of the US/Canadian border will be allowed to enter Canada, with some conditions. There are many families that have been split apart by the closure of the border to all but essential traffic since late March. This […]

US / Canada Border Closure Extended Until June 21st

21st May 2020 – Non essential travelers will have to wait at least another month for cross border trips between the US and Canada as both administrations left it late to formally announce that the current sanctions must continue for 30 more days at least. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said yesterday that: “It was the […]

Additional Detroit Windsor Tunnel Closures May & June 2020

18th May 2020 – There will be additional closures of the Windsor Tunnel in May and June following a decision by the tunnel owners and contractors to accelerate the renovation works on the 90-year-old tunnel while travel restrictions are in place, minimizing disruption for tunnel users in the long term. The additional overnight closures are: […]