Canada / New York Border Crossings

US Canada border

New York State is just one of 13 US states that border Canada and which contributes to the longest land border anywhere in the world. The New York Canada border crossings are among the more heavily used ports of entry to cross into Canada, in part because the Niagra Falls straddles both countries and is a huge draw for tourists, but also in part because Canada’s largest cities, Toronto and Montreal, are close to the New York State border and are important trading corridors.

The New York and Canada border crossings include 7 bridges with Peace Bridge being one of the busiest US / Canadian crossings and it often handles more passenger vehicles in a year than any other port of entry.

Below you will find FAQ’s and wait times for the major NY Canada border crossings:

Alexandria Bay border crossing wait times
Cornwall-Massena border crossing wait times
Champlain border crossing wait times
Lewiston Bridge border crossing wait times
Ogdensburg border crossing wait times
Peace Bridge wait times
Rainbow Bridge wait times 
Whirlpool Bridge wait times 

Below you will find a map of New York state, which includes road conditions such as road closures and truck restrictions to help your drive into Canada from New York that little bit easier: