MSP TSA Security Wait Times

How long are the wait times at MSP? How busy is Minneapolis Airport right now? Find out below!

Minneapolis-St. Paul International (Minneapolis, MN)

Passengers moving through the security checkpoints at Minneapolis-St. Paul International should anticipate waiting on average for:
24 minutes and 48 seconds

TSA Precheck Lanes: Available

North Checkpoint

  • North CheckpointOpen

South Checkpoint

  • South CheckpointOpen


  • Humphrey Checkpoint 1Open

Estimated Wait Times For Today

6 am - 7 am
15 m

7 am - 8 am
14 m

8 am - 9 am
21 m

9 am - 10 am
25 m

10 am - 11 am
14 m

11 am - 12 pm
16 m

12 pm - 1 pm
8 m

1 pm - 2 pm
12 m

2 pm - 3 pm
19 m

3 pm - 4 pm
25 m

4 pm - 5 pm
15 m

5 pm - 6 pm
16 m

6 pm - 7 pm
14 m

7 pm - 8 pm
36 m

8 pm - 9 pm
5 m

9 pm - 10 pm
21 m

10 pm - 11 pm
36 m

11 pm - 12 am
5 m

* Wait times are estimates, subject to change, and may not be indicative of your experience.

When to arrive at MSP really depends on a number of factors such as your airline, weather and flight status but the standard advice applies at MSP. Arrive at least two hours before a domestic flight or 3 hours for an international flight. Checking your flight status before you leave for the airport is a useful exercise.
You can view the MSP TSA wait times, PreCheck locations and the currently active lanes above. TSA PreCheck membership could mean greatly reduced MSP security wait times. To find out more about joining or renewing TSA PreCheck membership visit's also worth knowing that CLEAR is available at MSP. You can find out more here.
The wait times for non-US citizens arriving at Minneapolis Airport are not excessive. Though MSP can still be considered a busy airport it does not have anywhere near the amount of arriving flights that many of the bigger airports have, which means there are not a huge number of people being processed through security at the same time. For travelers with a connecting flight out of MSP it is still wise to allow a 3-hour window between arriving and departing. The wait times for non-US citizens arriving at DFW should not be too extensive. There is not a huge amount of overseas passengers arriving at the airport at any one time so huge line waits like you might see for International arrivals at JFK and LAX are rare. Many international visitors might be connecting at Dallas so for those passengers, it's worth making sure you give yourself plenty of time between flights as there is plenty of domestic flights originating at the airport. For those people with connecting flights at DFW Airport, it is wise to provide yourself with a 3-hour window between flights.

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