Portland PDX Airport Security Wait Times

How long are the TSA security lines at PDX?  What are the PDX wait times today? Find out now below!

Portland International (Portland, OR)

Passengers moving through the security checkpoints should anticipate waiting on average for:
2 minutes

TSA Precheck Lanes: Available

Terminal MAIN

  • Concourse A/B/C CheckpointOpen
  • Concourse D/E CheckpointOpen

Estimated Wait Times For Today

12 am - 1 am
29 m

1 am - 2 am
36 m

2 am - 3 am
26 m

3 am - 4 am
17 m

4 am - 5 am
17 m

5 am - 6 am
16 m

6 am - 7 am
12 m

7 am - 8 am
7 m

8 am - 9 am
2 m

9 am - 10 am
13 m

10 am - 11 am
10 m

11 am - 12 pm
13 m

12 pm - 1 pm
17 m

1 pm - 2 pm
0 m

2 pm - 3 pm
5 m

3 pm - 4 pm
6 m

4 pm - 5 pm
11 m

5 pm - 6 pm
19 m

6 pm - 7 pm
10 m

7 pm - 8 pm
2 m

8 pm - 9 pm
3 m

9 pm - 10 pm
0 m

* Wait times are estimates, subject to change, and may not be indicative of your experience.

There is no perfect answer here as security wait times at PDX airport can vary a lot. The biggest factors that can affect how long the security lines might include TSA staffing, flight delays and of course seasonality and day of the week. You should check with your airline and keep an eye on your flight's departure time for changes. Standard advice would be to arrive 3 hours before an international flight and 2 hours for a domestic flight.
You can see the current estimated PDX TSA wait times and PreCheck locations and lane openings in the details above. TSA PreCheck membership can lead to significantly reduced security wait times at PDX. To find out more about joining or renewing TSA PreCheck membership visit https://www.tsa.gov/precheck. It's also worth being aware that CLEAR is available at Portland, OR Airport. You can find out more here.
We do not expect there to be regular delays at immigration for travelers arriving at Portland, OR as it's not a major airport for receiving overseas visitors so avoids some of the issues that larger airports like LAX has where many people arrive at the same time and are processed in the same terminal. It is still wise to ensure you have a reasonable layover time if you are connecting at PDX Airport to avoid missing your onward flight.

To find out more about the Portland International Airport wait times, TSA security info, carry on bag screening, lost and found and more visit https://www.flypdx.com/