Port Bolivar & Galveston Ferry Wait Times

What is the Port Bolivar / Galveston Ferry Schedule?

Bad weather and unforeseen circumstances aside one ferry is operable 24 hours a day. An additional 2 to 4 ferries operate during the daytime depending on seasonality and holidays.

1 ferry operates operates 24 hours a day and additional ferries are in service based on demand, with departures leaving Galveston and Bolivar in intervals of 1 hour. These nightly Galveston departures are scheduled on the hour between 12am and 6 am and Bolivar 30 minutes passed the hour i.e. 12.30am, 1.30am etc.

During the day departures are more frequent but the actual Port Bolivar and Galveston ferry wait time can depend on how many vessels are in operation and what the current demand is. When busy you may have to wait for the next arriving ferry. The trip takes no longer than 20 minutes.

The Port Bolivar / Galveston ferry service is one of only 2 in Texas, the other being the Port Aransas ferry.

How can I view the Port Bolivar / Galveston Ferry wait times right now?

Below you can see the current locations of all the in-service Galveston ferries in operation. This will show you when the vessels are in port or about to reach port.

ℹ️  Key:
  • Green and pointy = active en route
  • Green circle = active stationary
  • Grey circle = unknown/likely not in service
  • Ignore eta date – this data is not provided and defaults to 1st Jan

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