This privacy policy outlines how this website collects and uses data collected on visitors to the website in addition to outlining disclosures relating to the content on this website. 

Use of personal information

We do not collect any personally identifiable information on our site visitors. Site users can contact us to identify errors or corrections and may do the same via social media but we do not store, sell or use this information in any way other than ensuring our site content is accurate.

Some pages may include Twitter feeds, which can include user content/names making the person identifiable but this information is not stored by us and is already in the public domain. We monitor such user-generated content and have systems in place to moderate offensive language, hate speech and other inappropriate comments.

Automatically collected data

Like most websites our servers process and store information that your browser requests when you visit a page. This information does not disclose any personally identifiable data and can contain:

– Date and time of your visit/s

– Your country and city location

– The referring website you came from

– The name, domain name and ip address of the ISP from which you are browsing the internet

We may analyze the data to improve the website for our users and to inform any marketing activities.

Cookies: adds a cookie into your browser. This can be used in various ways help improve your experience on, and to provide analytical information to us, which helps us understand how people use the site and how we can improve it. We also use 3rd party cookies to serve ad suggestions and better ads to you.

Content disclosure:

We work hard to to ensure wait times and other information is accurate and we give credit to the and other providers of publicly accessible wait times information as well as to members of the public who provide us with guidance and corrections.

We accept no liability for information that is inaccurate. For corrections please email

Further information:

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