Gordie Howe Bridge Update Nov 2019

This week the groups responsible for the >$4 billion construction of the Gordie Howe bridge construction, The Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) and Bridging North America, held a media briefing to provide an update on the project aimed to replace the ageing Ambassador Bridge as the major US/Canadian bridge crossing in the region.

Whilst construction work has been underway for some time now it has not been that apparent that one of North America’s biggest and most challenging construction projects had actually started. With an eta of 2024 people should expect to start to see some significant signs of construction in the area and it is even planned to build observation decks for the public to view progress on the bridge.

The WDBA and Bridging North America claim construction works could generate employment for up to 2500 people. To find out about employment opportunities visit https://www.gordiehoweinternationalbridge.com/en/opportunities-with-wdba.

The media briefing can be viewed in full here https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/2019/11/26/watch-live-gordie-howe-international-bridge-construction-update/

View wait times on the existing Ambassador Bridge